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About Us

Business-to-Business Talent Acquisition, Staffing and Recruiting

QAPRO I.T. provides business and technical consulting solutions to private and public sector clients. As technology advances, we continually build and adjust our services. Furthermore, we serve a variety of clients ranging from small to Fortune 500 companies. Our industry focus is Technology, Government, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, and Utilities.

Focus on Your Business

The success of your project is what’s most important to us. Your business achieves value through accelerated time-to-productivity, high retention rates and consistency of skills. This in turn produces more efficient knowledge transfer, and the ability to focus on results rather than staff management.

Maintain Long-Term Relationships

Our trusted partnerships withstand technology advancements and unplanned issues. We remain committed to your business success. As a result, our clients and consultants stay with us. Our work reduces employee turnover.